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Xiaomi Redmi Note 4: how to install nougat 7.0 On your device

Install Android Nougat 7.0 on Xiaomi redmi note 4

Hey, guys, I am here with another awesome guide. The guide is about how to install android nougat 7.0 Beta ROM on your Android device. Xiaomi redmi note 4 is successful arrived in the market and with the great price. This phone is a budget phone which will not harm your pocket and give you desired result as you want. 

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Xiaomi is also known as budget phones provider, they sell phones at a convenient price which would not affect customers pocket. Recently its comes up with excellent phone known as Xiaomi redmi note 4 at the good price. Now the points come why we need to install new OS version on the new device but let me tell you the reason and benefits behind installing new ROM. One of the main advantages is new OS 7.0 which is not available on any Xioami phone, but however, you can flash Custom ROMs like LineageOS, Ressurection ROM on your old xiaomi devices.

Xiaomi redmi note 4-flash nougat rom
Xiaomi redmi note 4-flash nougat ROM

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Let me tell you, what xiaomi said about Nougat ROM.” Xioami said that it will launch Nougat version on their new headset which will launch soon ”  So That’s why we need to install this ROM and test about features and bugs and also you will be the first MIUI Nougat users, seems cool let's talk a little bit more. Now, friends, you can flash this ROM on your Redmi Note 4 if you bought in Flash sale.

How Redmi note 4 will get Android Nougat 7.0 update

Before talking about features and flashing process, let me know that if you got or bought xiaomi redmi note 4 devices on successfully for sale, if you have one then head over to the steps but still one problem has left which is Bootloader. If you want to work with your latest miui device then you need to have Bootloader unlock request , you could apply bootloader request from miui official website or tap on this link. When you would get request then unlock it and, flash ROM
Root permission is required for Flashing nougat 7.0 Rom on your XIaomi redmi note 4

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Whenever we talk about flashing ROM that time only one problem come behind us which could be Root, I know most users don’t want to root their device hopefully they have some mind problem like Guarantee volition or Phone terms & service violation also the major problem is device dead, they thinks that if they root their phone then it might be damaged phone or effect something but guys let me tell you one thing about Root. Xioami has a special permission for its device also they provide special for their users and if you start rooting your old device by King root then you will get pop up information in which they have mentioned about “Root would not Void your phone warranty” I think guys its enough explanation on Root Void phone warranty, lets confirm about flashing ROM on your phone right now in steps.

Requirements for nougat 7.0 on Xiaomi redmi note 4

  • No need Root permission
  • Download Android nougat 7.0 beta ROM from Here
  • Need little human brain, and that’s it

How to flash Android nougat 7.0 Rom on your Xiaomi redmi note 4

  • Download ROM from official miui download sector
  • After download, keep that ROM on your SD card
  • Now Rename the zip which yu have downloaded from site and name it
  • Go to your phone updater app, open it
  • Locate the file on SD card, Choose path
  • Now click on flash, that’s it
  • If you doing flashing first time, then it could take up to some minutes but don’t panic it usually happens in the first time

Final words

So, guys, we have mentioned all important steps for flashing nougat 7.0 ROM on your Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 devices. The best thing about Xiaomi has, it don’t require any root permission for flashing zip files because it gives default recovery on its xiaomi phones that’s the reason behind loveable phone of developers even I love this device. Xiaomi redmi note 4 will get official 7.0 update shortly, but for testing purpose,  it's giving us beta tester ROM by using this ROM company will let know about BUGS it could be primary or minor. I hope you guys like this tutorial and thanks for visiting my blog

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